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Projects built by Westerville's PROS tax

In an August 1998 special election, Westerville voters approved the PROS 2000 tax, a 0.25-percent city income tax to build the Westerville Community Center, make improvements at virtually every city park and in all, fund construction of approximately $30 million worth of Parks Recreation and Open Space projects.

The tax runs through the year 2020.

City officials now are considering a 20-year extension of the PROS tax, to fund more parks and recreation capital projects and maintenance of parks facilities.

If passed by City Council July 1, the PROS tax extension would go before voters Nov. 4. Passage at the ballot box would keep the parks-dedicated 0.25-percent income tax in place through 2040.

Here is a review of parks building projects completed through the original tax, identified by year, as provided by city officials:

PROS 2000 projects


Huber Village Park

Heritage Park/Everal Homestead

Towers Park restroom

Walnut Ridge Park restroom

Spring Grove multi-use path


Alum Creek Amphitheater

Westerville Sports Complex

Westerville Community Center

Walnut Ridge Park multi-use path


Spring Grove North Park/multi-use path

Alum Creek leisure multi-use path/bridge


County Line Acres multi-use path

Alum Creek multi-use path south of Schrock


Alum Creek South BMX/Skateboard Park

Metzger Park ballfield/restroom


Ohio to Erie Trail

Sunbury Road multi-use path

Metzger Park perimeter multi-use path and playground

County Line Road West multi-use path

Spring Road multi-use path

Maxtown Road multi-use path


Westerville Sports Complex basketball courts and parking

Springborough multi-use path phase I


Springborough multi-use path phase II


Towers Park ballfields/multi-use path


Huber Village playground


*Millstone Creek Park


*Highlands Park Aquatic Center

*Projects completed that were not identified in the PROS 2000 Master Plan