At this year's WesterFlora Garden Tour in Westerville, residents will display their "Hidden Treasures," the event's 2014 theme.

At this year's WesterFlora Garden Tour in Westerville, residents will display their "Hidden Treasures," the event's 2014 theme.

Homes featured in the 23rd annual garden tour were announced last week. Linda Laine, publicity chairwoman of the Westerville Civic Beautification Committee, was among the judges choosing the tour stops this year.

She said it was a tough job to choose among so many beautiful gardens, but that many of the selections will largely be new to visitors.

"They all have very varied themes," Laine said. "We have seven gardens that have never been on the garden tour or haven't been on the tour for a very long time. So that's a good turnover for people."

The "Hidden Treasures" theme is a broad one itself, and Laine said it contributes to the variety of the tour.

"When we say 'Hidden Treasures,' we mean that you can't go more than 2 feet without seeing something different," she said. "Some gardens are very calming, some have a lot of things to look at, some have a focal point."

Laine said organizers were concerned the harsh winter would damage gardens, or perhaps even cut the number of participants volunteering to be on the tour. But the number and quality of applications from the community were even better than she expected.

"So we are thankful for each and every person who has put in an app to enter," she said. "We've worked really, really hard on this."

Fifteen gardens will be featured on WesterFlora 2014, up from 12 last year.

The free tour runs from 1 to 7 p.m. July 20, and a brochure, map and other information is available at

Musicians and artists will be set up at many of the stops, to perform as visitors tour the gardens.

The tour is self-guided, so residents can visit a few, all or just one as they choose.

Gardens on the 2015 WesterFlora Garden Tour are:

* Roger and Jan Bock, 170 Granby Pl. W.

* Ivan and Carole Brohard, 696 Winmar Place E.

* Scott and Donna Bushman, 129 Crowles Ave.

* Beverly and Fred Coventry, 228 Huber Village Blvd.

* Dan and Wendy Fisher, 121 Spring Valley Road.

* Hanby House -- Period Garden, 160 W. Main St.

* Keith and Rose Kepler, 802 Centerpark Drive.

* Carl LaMaye and Scott Turner, 719 W. Main St.

* Michael and Cheryl Munkascy, 200 Huber Village Blvd.

* Jane Nipps and J.B. Thompson, 124 S. Knox St.

* Nancy Peebles, 7636 Lanetta Lane.

* Ted and Judy Richardson, 1022 Denman Court.

* Jay and Joyce Schoedinger, 4606 Lakes Club Drive.

* Jack and Jody Sjogren, 141 Sandstone Loop E.

* David and Courtney Stroupe, 112 S. Knox St.