Two vacant administrator positions at Fouse and Hawthorne elementary schools have been filled.

Two vacant administrator positions at Fouse and Hawthorne elementary schools have been filled.

Robert Stranges, from the Westerville City School District, and Angela Ervin, from Whitehall City Schools, will be the principals at Fouse and Hawthorne, respectively, this upcoming school year.

Former principals Brian Orrenmaa and Brett Gambill stepped down to pursue careers in different districts.

Stranges has worked within the Westerville district since 1992. He began employment as a science teacher at Blendon Middle School, and made the transition to middle school gifted coordinator, intervention specialist, summer intervention principal, building instructional coach and department facilitator roles.

Stranges left his former position of assistant principal at Heritage Middle School to become Fouse's principal. He said he is happy about the new position.

"I am thrilled with the opportunity to lead such an outstanding building and look forward to meeting and working with the entire Fouse community," Stranges said.

Ervin was the assistant principal and student intervention coordinator at Beechwood Elementary School in Whitehall City Schools before coming to Westerville. Prior to that, she served as an elementary teacher and interim principal.

As Westerville continues to expand and diversify, Ervin wanted to be part of the change and development, she said.

"One of the things I was looking for was diversity in education," she said. "My 10 years of experience has given me a really good tool kit for dealing with diverse learners. The demographic of Hawthorne speaks to my personal views in education."

As a new administrator in the district, she said she is excited to become part of the Westerville community and was elated by the job offer.

She hopes to dedicate her first year as principal getting to know the community, the students and her colleagues.

"I want to spend time to get to know everyone and how we will all work together to make Hawthorne the best school it can be," Ervin said.

The first day of school for students in grades 1-12 is Aug. 13.