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Westerville: Police charge man with domestic violence and assault

Westerville police arrested and charged a man with domestic violence and assault July 13 after he reportedly assaulted his wife.

Westerville police reported they were called to the family's residence on West Main Street about 3 a.m. July 13, when a woman reported that her husband had struck her multiple times.

According to police reports, when officers arrived at the home, the woman had visible bruises on her neck and face.

She told officers that her husband had hit her face and left ear and choked her with his hands, and that she was having trouble hearing out of the left ear. She was transported to Mount Carmel St. Ann's Hospital, where it was determined that her eardrum was damaged, reports said.

The woman told police that the couple had been drinking heavily earlier in the day and had been arguing when the assault occurred.

Officers confronted the husband, who was in an upstairs bedroom. He had "visible abrasions" and scratches on his arms, legs, chest and face, and was detained and handcuffed.

He told officers he was forced to defend himself from his wife, and said that he choked and struck her "to keep her off of him." But he refused to make a formal statement to police.

The husband was transferred to Franklin County jail and charged.

In other recent incident reports from the Westerville Division of Police:

• A woman told police that her boyfriend stole $500 from her apartment in the first block of West College Avenue during the night of July 14.

The woman, 24, told officers that her boyfriend, 32, was addicted to heroin and she was concerned about him driving under the influence.

When officers confronted the man, he said he was with the woman for part of the evening in question, and that she also had a drug problem. He suggested she was fabricating the story.

He also showed police a window that he claimed she attempted to break into, and said that she was likely still mad about an argument days earlier.

No arrests were made.

• A Westerville man, 37, was charged with theft and an open container violation after stealing $83 of grocery items, including a bottle of vodka, from a store in the 100 block of Polaris Parkway July 19.

Officers detained the man, who was riding away from the scene on his bicycle. He also is suspected of stealing items from another nearby store.

Police said he was riding his bike while carrying a blue water bottle full of vodka and a partially empty container of vodka.