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2014 Turn Up the Heat Chili Championships

Trio of chili competitions to fire up this weekend


During the summer's final hot days, the 2014 Turn Up the Heat Chili Championships hope to bring a bit more fire to the weekend.

Hosted by Iron Pony Motorsports at 5436 Westerville Road, Friday-Sunday, Aug. 22-24 marks three days of International Chili Society competitions.

The Ohio State, Buckeye Regional and All-Ohio Chili Cookoff will fill the schedule. Each competition comes with different entry requirements, but they all carry a $1,000 prize for the winner, dollar awards for second and third place, and a $250 prize for the People's Choice. Chili verde and salsa will also be judged.

Throughout the weekend there will be amateur chili contests, community chili cook-offs and various opportunities for tasting.

The event features local vendors and music, and all proceeds from the cook-offs are donated to local charities.

For more information, visit chilicookoff.com.