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School district awards 7 more diplomas


Seven more students earned their diplomas from Westerville Central, North and South high schools Monday night, Aug. 25.

Six of the students did not meet the state's requirements to graduate by spring commencement and continued their studies through the summer. One student graduated high school early.

"This is always a great day for me and educators because it is a culmination of everything we work for from the time students enter preschool and kindergarten through elementary, middle and high school," said Scott Reeves, executive director of secondary academic affairs. "This grand event is called commencement for a reason, because it is really a start of the rest of their lives."

Daniel Testaguzza from Central; Abdulhamid Abdalla, Morgan Blumling and Asya Whitehead from North; and Jonathan Pierre, Danielle Steele and Kane Wollmuth from South all were approved to graduate at the Aug. 25 Westerville Board of Education meeting.

Abdalla and Whitehead attended, wearing caps and gowns for a short ceremony at the start of the meeting.

The board unanimously approved the students for graduation.

"I accept the class and I'm delighted to do so. I look forward to everything (they) do next," board President Nancy Nestor-Baker said.

South Principal Steve Andersson said graduation is a special night for everyone and congratulated Pierre, Steele and Wollmuth on their success.

"Last spring when some of our graduates knew they wouldn't make it, immediate plans were put into place to help those over the summer, and today we see the fruits of a lot of those labors," Andersson said.

North Principal Kurt Yancey said graduation symbolizes triumphs over many obstacles.

"We encourage you to always push yourself to keep moving forward regardless of the obstacles you may face, just as you have persevered to make it tonight," he said.

The Westerville school board will meet next at 6 p.m. Sept. 8 at the Early Learning Center, 936 Eastwind Drive.