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Income-tax revenue

Collections thus far down 3.5 percent from last year


Whitehall has collected less income-tax revenue during the first nine months of 2012 than in the same period in 2011, and collections thus far this year are less than were projected when the 2012 budget was adopted late last year.

Income-tax revenue through Aug. 31 was up 5.4 percent compared to the amount collected during the first eight months of 2011, but as of Sept. 30, this year's collections are down 3.5 percent from last year.

Through Sept. 30, Whitehall has collected $15,333,253. In the same period last year, the city collected $15,788,738.

In all of 2011, Whitehall collected $20,731,000

Whitehall auditor Dan Miller said he is confident the city will at least match its projections.

"We haven't accounted for our corporate returns yet," Miller said.

In 2010, Whitehall voters approved an income-tax hike from 2.0 percent to 2.5 percent, matching what Columbus voters had approved earlier the same year.

The city is realizing additional income-tax revenue through numerous construction projects that are under way or are pending.

Construction of the Franklin County Children Services campus on East Main Street is nearing completion as work continues to build a replacement Whitehall-Yearling High School.

"But the school project is not using prevailing wages. Most of the work has been subcontracted," Miller said. "It's been subcontracted; so far we don;t know who is doing the work."

Thus far, he said, it has been difficult to pinpoint what income tax is attributable to the project, Miller said.

Franklin County Children Services is building a 96,000-square-foot central office at the site of the former Main Lanes, 4071 E. Main St.

About 350 employees will work at the office, most of which will relocate from the agency's office on East Mound Street.

The city also should get another boost next year when construction begins of the city's first community center.