Whitehall News

Rosemore parking restrictions may be expanded


Parking restrictions on Rosemore Avenue might be expanded, according to a proposed ordinance of Whitehall City Council.

The ordinance, introduced during the Nov. 13 committee meeting, would prohibit on-street parking at all times on the west side of Rosemore Avenue, between Langley Avenue and Main Street, extending on-street parking prohibitions already in place in the vicinity of Rosemore Middle School.

Other legislation introduced Nov. 13 includes an ordinance rezoning a parcel of land at 836 S. Hamilton Road, from A-1, apartment district to OD, office district; an ordinance authorizing the mayor to enter into a new contract with the city of Columbus for a water-service agreement; an ordinance authorizing the mayor to consent with the Ohio Department of Transportation for the construction of a replacement bridge on East Main Street at Big Walnut Creek; and an ordinance levying tax liens on property owners for the performance of property maintenance in compliance with city code.

The ordinances were assigned to committees and were scheduled for a first reading at the next regularly scheduled meeting of Whitehall City Council, at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 20, at Whitehall City Hall, 360 S. Yearling Road.