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Council mulls millions in 2013 appropriations


Millions of dollars in appropriations were on Whitehhall City Council members' agenda for Tuesday night.

Council members were scheduled to meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 4, at Whitehall City Hall.

For starters, an ordinance appropriating $26.7 million for the general fund's operating expenses for 2013 was scheduled for a second reading. A third reading is scheduled for the Dec. 18 council meeting and is expected to be adopted.

An ordinance appropriating $6.7 million was scheduled for a second reading Dec. 4. The ordinance is scheduled for a third reading Dec. 18 and also is expected to be adopted. The $6.7 million appropriation funds expenses other than the general operating fund, including capital improvement projects and matching grants.

The meeting wasn't all about appropriations, though.

Among the legislation scheduled for a first reading were ordinances approving a special permit to allow motor vehicle service at 4257 E. Main St., renewing a contract with the city of Columbus to provide sewer service to Whitehall and transferring various amounts of money.

Those ordinances include the transfer of $22,000 from various expense accounts in the general fund to the income-tax refunds account, $10,148 from non-appropriated revenue in the general fund to the self-funded health-insurance account and $14,800 from the income-tax salaries account to the income-tax office account.

Scheduled for a second reading was an ordinance rezoning a parcel at 836 S. Hamilton Road from A-1 (Apartment District) to OD (Office District), along with an ordinance authorizing Mayor Kim Maggard to extend a contract with the city of Columbus to provide water service.

Council members were expected to approve an ordinance authorizing Maggard to extend a contract, for a period of two years, with Evans, Mechwart, Hambleton and Tilton Inc., to provide professional engineering services for the city of Whitehall.

Prior to the start of the Dec. 4 council meeting, Maggard and other officials were expected to kick off the city's holiday season with a Christmas tree-lighting ceremony at 6 p.m. at Whitehall City Hall.

The Whitehall-Yearling High School marching band was scheduled to perform.