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Whitehall, other agencies forge Triad partnership


The city of Whitehall is the first community in Franklin County to enter into a Triad agreement, a multi-agency pact designed to protect and benefit the city's senior citizens.

A ceremonial signing of the agreement was held Dec. 11 at the Whitehall Division of Police, 365 S. Yearling Road.

Whitehall administrators, the Whitehall Division of Police, the Whitehall Division of Fire, the Franklin County sheriff's office, the Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Whitehall Senior Safety Council participated in the ceremony.

According to the website, nationaltriad.org, the National Association of Triads involves a partnership of three organizations: law enforcement, older adults and community groups. The organization's stated purpose is to "promote older adult safety and to reduce the fear of crime that older adults often experience."

According to the Ohio attorney general's website, the agency is partnering with the Buckeye State Sheriff's Association, the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police, the Ohio Crime Prevention Association, the Ohio Department of Aging and the National Association of Triads in a statewide effort to create Triad groups in Ohio.

"The goal is to make our senior citizens aware of the kinds of scams and crimes (such as identity theft and home-improvement scams) directed at seniors ... and to minimize (their occurrence)," Whitehall Mayor Kim Maggard said. "Communication between law enforcement and seniors, and among senior citizens, can help better protect our seniors from such crimes."