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Council OKs new contract with Local 4320


Whitehall City Council members approved a new union contract and a watershed plan, and they renamed the job titles of many city employees at the Jan. 15 Whitehall City Council meeting.

By an emergency measure, council members approved a new three-year collective-bargaining contract with the Communication Workers of America Local 4320.

The new contract is retroactive to Jan. 1, 2013, and replaces a contract that had expired Dec. 31, 2012. Union members ratified the new contract Dec. 28. The new contact extends through Dec. 31, 2015.

The contract provides salary increases of 2.25, 2.25 and 2.65 percent in each of the three years, but employees also will pay increased health-insurance premiums and have increased prescription co-pay and higher deductibles under the new contract.

The contract affects 26 employees, including three in the service department, administrative clerks and record clerks at the police department.

Council members also approved a resolution of support for the Big Walnut Watershed Balanced Growth Plan.

The resolution of support for the nonbinding watershed plan is in response to a request from the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission.

In all, 31 cities, villages, townships and counties are within the boundaries of the Big Walnut Balanced Growth Plan, including Whitehall, and MORPC has asked each regulatory city council, township, planning commission or zoning commission for a resolution of support.

To view the Big Walnut Balanced Growth Plan or any of the five other balanced-growth plans for watersheds in other parts of central Ohio, go to balancedgrowthplanning.morpc.org.

Council members approved a battery of six ordinances to rename job titles to more closely align with the responsibilities of the employee, council vice president Leo Knoblauch said.

Among the job titles amended were those for clerk typist, secretary to the mayor, administrative secretary and administrative assistant.

Lastly, council members, by virtue of a voice vote, amended the names of three committees of city council.

Administration and financial management is the new name of the administration and finance management committee; community engagement replaces communication and outreach; and parks and recreation will become recreation and community involvement.

Chairmen and membership of committees did not change.

Committees of Whitehall City Council were expected to meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 22, at Whitehall City Hall, 360 S. Yearling Road.