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Council takes early steps for funding community center


Whitehall City Council's plate on Feb. 5 was expected to be filled with nearly $1 million in fund transfers as part of the early phases of a planned community center.

An ordinance appropriating $900,000 from nonappropriated general-fund revenue into the community-recreation-event-center fund was scheduled for a first reading. The ordinance was introduced during council's Jan. 22 committees meeting.

Whitehall Mayor Kim Maggard said the $900,000 appropriation would be used for topographic surveys, engineering fees and preliminary architectural services required in advance of construction of the city's first community center.

About $2 million from the general fund will be used for planning and construction, with the balance coming from the sale of bonds, Maggard said.

No more than $10 million will be spent on the entire project, Maggard said.

The community center will be built on the site of a former U.S. Army Reserve Center on Country Club Drive. Whitehall obtained the property from the government for $1 as surplus property. As such, Whitehall is required to convert it into a public use.

In other action, council members considered legislation authorizing Maggard to accept a grant from the Franklin County Bureau of Justice and an ordinance transferring $12,703 from a holding account to an expense account for the reconstruction of Rosemore Avenue.

Lindsey Wright, community-affairs coordinator for Whitehall, outlined tweaks to the city's website, including the construction of links to each of the city's ward council members and an at-large council representative link to allow residents to direct comments and questions to individual council members.

A link also was built for general issues and concerns to be directed via email to the mayor's office.