Whitehall News

Council expected to OK new IT post

Creating a new part-time information technology technician job was among the legislation Whitehall City Council members were expected to approve at their meeting Tuesday, Feb. 19.

The part-time post is in addition to a current full-time IT technician.

Among other legislation expected to be acted on at the Feb. 19 meeting was an ordinance appropriating $12,703 to an expense account for the reconstruction of Rosemore Avenue, a project that was funded with a grant and completed last year.

Several ordinances introduced at the Feb. 12 meeting of the committees of Whitehall City Council were expected to be adopted as emergencies and after a first reading at the Feb. 19 City Council meeting.

Emergency ordinances expected to be approved included those:

* Appropriating $6,428 from non-appropriated general fund revenue to the self-funded health insurance account;

* Appropriating $291,455 from a grant fund to an expense account for the Metropolitan Emergency Communication Center;

* Authorizing a contact with the Ohio Department of Transportation for resurfacing U.S. Route 40, East Main Street, within the city limits of Whitehall; and

* Levying tax liens against specific property owners for the performance of required property maintenance.

-- Kevin Corvo