With a prom theme like Midnight in Paris, this year's Whitehall-Yearling High School juniors figured, "How can we go wrong?"

With a prom theme like Midnight in Paris, this year's Whitehall-Yearling High School juniors figured, "How can we go wrong?"

Whitehall's prom-goers were welcomed to Creekside in Gahanna on Friday night, May 3, with a French motif, carefully planned by this year year's junior class, as is tradition.

Small Eiffel towers graced each of the tables, and the city's skyline served as an elegant backdrop for those looking for a lasting photo.

The music and party favors were extraordinaire -- hors du commun!

What most of the juniors working on Whitehall's prom committee this year did not bargain for was the camaraderie that grew out of the planning process.

"I'll be honest," WYHS junior Rhodas Ghebreah said. "I thought it was too much at first, and I was going to quit. But I stuck around, and I had a lot of fun. It was like a family. We really supported each other."

The prom committee started out very small this year, most agreed. Just a handful of people stepped up to plan one of the most important events of the year. But through some serious recruitment, the small group of planners grew into a rather large one, making the night one to remember for both this year's outgoing seniors and the remaining juniors.

Junior Samantha Bennett came to the United States from Thailand four years ago. She didn't know many people until she helped with this year's prom.

"Now we are closer like a family," she said.

Brandon Meininger, one of only two guys on the committee, agreed.

"Making prom brought everyone together from different groups of friends," he said. Many of the students went to the same grade schools, and everyone went to Rosemore Middle School. But most of this year's committee ran around with different groups of friends. The common goal of planning the 2013 prom was the conduit that brought everyone together, he said. And they are friendships, he added, that will be lasting.

"The best part of the planning was that I didn't know most of the people here on prom committee," said Kayla Williams, a junior. "Then I just started talking to people I didn't know."

When the committee members first came together in January to pick a theme, they had months of preparations ahead of them. They worked both before and after school to complete all of the work involved, but it was all worth it.

"It was pretty intimidating," admitted junior Brittany Hammonds, who was one of the originals on the committee. "That's why we asked our friends to help out."

But even Hammonds found more than she had bargained for. She now has a new best friend in Meininger.

"These are the last moments with your friends," said Hailey Hill, a junior. "You want to make them good ones."