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From one to two charter amendments

Whitehall council pivots: Term-limits question to appear on fall ballot


Now two charter questions will go before Whitehall voters in November: those concerning term limits and staggering the city auditor’s term.

Whitehall City Council members reversed gears during their Aug. 6 meeting and overturned a July 30 decision to reject a proposal to place the term-limits issue on the ballot.

All six council members who attended the Aug. 6 meeting voted to put the question on the ballot, contrary to the 5-1 decision July 30 to forgo the measure.

Councilman Chris Rodriguez was absent Aug. 6.

Councilman Van Gregg was absent July 30, and council member Robert Bailey cast the only yes vote then.

Mayor Kim Maggard, who was absent July 30, made a pointed plea to council members to reconsider their decisions.

“I believe the voters of Whitehall are serious and intelligent people” who should have the right to choose whether the city continues its practice of term limits, she said.

Referring to critics who previously reiterated that Whitehall voters twice have rejected ballot issues repealing term limits, Maggard said it has been 12 years since the question was posed. Term limits were enacted in 1994.

“There is a new generation of voters who have not had a chance to consider this. … Our city has changed (since then),” said Maggard, who was elected in 2011after serving eight years as city auditor.

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