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State grants will cover Hamilton Road work next year


South Hamilton Road between East Broad and East Main streets will be improved in 2015 though a grant and no-interest loan.

The Ohio Public Works Commission awarded $1.87 million for the project. It's one of 11 projects in Franklin County that will receive funding in July 2014.

The South Hamilton Road project was one of only two projects among the 11 funded projects in the county to receive 100 percent of the construction cost.

Twenty-five county projects were submitted, but only 11 received partial or complete funding.

The commission awarded $29.5 million toward $63 million worth of construction work.

The Public Works Integrating Committee, within the commission, chose to fund projects at various levels that are part of the State Capital Improvements Program and the Local Transportation Improvements Program for 2014.

"This year there were a lot of worthy projects competing (for funding). Although we could not fund (all the requests) ... we are pleased to fund these 11 projects and look forward to the Ohio Public Works Program continuing far into the future, helping our local communities repair and maintain safe roads and improve our water and wastewater systems," Dean Ringle, Franklin County engineer and chairman of the OPWC District 3 Integrating Committee, said in a press release announcing the funded projects.

Of the $1.87 million Whitehall will receive for the project, 75 percent is a grant and 25 percent is an interest-free loan that Whitehall must repay within 17 years.

The grant and loan cover the design, inspection and construction of the improvements, Whitehall Service Director Ray Ogden said.

"Design will begin approximately in July when funds become available," he said. "Once plans are complete, we are anticipating bidding the project in January 2015 for a start date of spring 2015."

Improvements will include resurfacing South Hamilton Road between East Broad and East Main streets and, where necessary, full and partial depth repairs.

Curbs and bus pads will be replaced and wheelchair ramps will be constructed where they are lacking.

South Hamilton Road last was improved in 2004, but the curb lanes were resurfaced in 2009, using permissive tax revenue derived from vehicle registrations.