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Police dispatchers get three-year deal


Whitehall and the Ohio Labor Council of the Fraternal Order of Police have reached an agreement for a new three-year contract retroactive to Jan. 1.

A third party reviewed the contract after the Ohio Labor Council, representing seven full-time dispatchers with the Whitehall Division of Police, rejected the city's initial contract offer, said Whitehall Human Resources Director Lynn McNabb.

The fact-finder recommended the city's tentative agreement with only one change related to the maximum accrual of personal compensation time, McNabb said.

Council members voted 6-1 at their March 4 meeting to accept the fact-finder's report. Councilwoman Leslie LaCorte said she dissented because a seven-day window for the union to consider the fact-finding report had not closed when council considered the report March 4.

Union members eventually accepted the fact-finding report, McNabb said, and the new contract, retroactive to Jan. 1, extends through Dec. 31, 2016.

The contract provides salary increases of 2 percent each year of the three-year contract but also includes increases in employee's health-insurance premiums and out-of-pocket expenses, McNabb said.

At their March 18 meeting, council members adopted a resolution authorizing the payment of $3,630 for the professional services of Fishel Hass Kim Albrecht, LLC, as fact-finders for the execution of the contract.

Joel Glasser, an attorney and staff representative for the Fraternal Order of Police, Ohio Labor Council, declined to comment about the contract.

Council members took no further action during a 15-minute meeting March 18.

An ordinance repealing a section of the city's codified ordinances requiring residents to clear snow and ice from residential sidewalks is scheduled for a final reading April 1 and is expected to pass.

The ordinance was prepared upon discovery of an Ohio Supreme Court decision in 1993 that ruled private-property owners are not liable for the natural accumulation of snow and ice on sidewalks, City Attorney Mike Shannon said.