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Injustice on the board; new ideas are needed

is outrageous


I appreciated your article on Jan. 15 about a recent injustice occurring on our Worthington school board. Usually the position of president and vice president rotates through the board by seniority. I'm familiar with the process as my husband served on this board from 1975 to 1983.

Since all board members elected by the people represent the views of a large number of voters, the board should not have the right to bypass a member because that person is not always in agreement with the other members. It is healthy to have someone on the board who thinks as an individual, and asks questions, or brings up new ideas. The people voted for Marc Schare because he does this.

I am very disappointed in Jennifer Best's response saying that they are looking for "consensus builders," not people who initiate new ideas.

I hope you will discuss this situation further in another article. Is this kind of attitude what the voters in Worthington want? When a board member is elected, I think the voters expect the board to be fair when appointing positions of prestige.

Here we go again. The Worthington Board of Education wants more money. Apparently the board never heard of living within your budget, as we individuals have to do. In these days of declining enrollment and financial recession, this forthcoming levy request is outrageous.

The school board's lack of responsibility is shown by the 12-page glossy color "advertisement" recently mailed, when plain old black-and-white on cheap paper would have sufficed.

Please consider the fact that we are in a recession; I call on all taxpayers to stand up and give a message to the board by defeating the upcoming levy.