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Candidates asked questions about OSU Airport


WOOSE (We Oppose Ohio State airport Expansion) has asked all candidates running for Worthington City Council, Sharon Township trustee and Riverlea mayor to respond to six questions concerning the effects of OSU Airport noise and the airport’s proposed expansion.

The candidates’ answers will be listed on the WOOSE website, www.woose.org.

Yes, the community continues to experience single event noise impacts. Yes, OSU continues to consider a runway expansion and the addition of 50 or more hangars, and yes, this election is very important. Please vote.

Charlie Wilson knows the value of quality education in pursuing your dreams.

Wilson’s own public education experience has given him this understanding. Neither of his parents went past eighth grade, but through public education, he has become an Ohio State University law professor and active community leader.

Giving back to the community that has provided him so many opportunities in 26 years of living here, Wilson has been a Worthington Youth Booster coach, classroom volunteer, licensed soccer referee and has served on numerous boards and committees regarding how to improve public education.

Wilson is passionate about finding ways to best educate children to provide them each a chance to pursue their dreams without bankrupting their future.

Wilson is a responsive, honest, accountable leader and a champion of effective education investment. On Worthington school board, he will continue to listen to your concerns, take action to address them and find ways to make certain our children receive a worthwhile education that results in opportunities to pursue their dreams, as well.

I am writing in support of the re-election of incumbent board members Julie Keegan and Charlie Wilson to the Worthington board of education.

It is difficult to highlight a particular contribution of any individual without appearing to minimize other aspects of her or his total efforts. Personally, I am most appreciative of Wilson’s efforts to preserve the academic program and for his involvement in educational affairs at the state level. This, together with Keegan’s involvement in individual district buildings and her focus on improving the quality of teaching, both serve to keep Worthington a “District of Choice” where people choose to buy their residences.

I purposely do not reflect on economic issues since their resolution require the co-operation of board, administration and the staff and thus can’t be resolved by a single individual (no matter any claims to that effect).

It is my belief that both Keegan and Wilson have served well on a board that reflects the opinions and needs of a diverse school district. Both have gained the experience necessary to guide the district in these times, when changes dictated at the state level impose challenges exceeding those that arise from national and state economic realities.

I have known Charlie Wilson for some time and I cannot think of a better Worthington school board candidate. Following are some of the strengths of Charlie’s candidacy:

• Wilson is a teacher at Ohio State University and knows what students need to do in high school to be successful in college.

• Wilson has lived in the Worthington School District for more than 25 years and knows our community and what our needs and expectations are from our schools.

• Wilson has children who attended Worthington Schools from K through 12 and understands the incredible children we have in our district.

• Wilson’s commitment to the education of children was recognized by the National School Board Association when he received the Association’s 2011 Distinguished Service Award for extraordinary commitment to America’s children. Such a national honor is unprecedented in our area, and we can’t afford to lose someone of this stature serving on our board.

• Wilson was unanimously elected as 2012 president-elect of the Ohio School Board Association, the only Worthington school board member ever to serve in such a high-level position. We need to support him in that role, just as he has served us over the last several years.

There is little doubt that Charlie Wilson is the best candidate for the Worthington school board. Please support him and allow him to further serve our community.