Worthington voters should be ready to make a long list of decisions at the polls Nov. 8, though early voting began Oct. 4.

Worthington voters should be ready to make a long list of decisions at the polls Nov. 8, though early voting began Oct. 4.

Those who live in the city will see 19 candidates’ names plus the Riverlea annexation question on their ballots.

Nine candidates are vying for Worthington City Council, four for Worthington Board of Education, four for Sharon Township board of trustees and two for Sharon Township fiscal officer.

All Worthington and Riverlea voters will be asked if they want the village to be annexed to the city.

If voters in both approve, the 200-plus homes in Riverlea will become part of Worthington on or about Jan. 1, 2012.

The issues involved are long and complex. A detailed annexation report was mailed to each voter.

The process was initiated by a small group of Riverlea residents who had collected signatures of more than 25 percent of the village’s voters on a petition. In accordance with state law, both the village and city appointed three commissioners who met and hammered out an annexation report. The report covers financial details and information about assets and liabilities; signs; land reserves and easements; government representation; sewers; streets, curbs and gutters; lights and sidewalks; water; and zoning.

Information is available on the Riverlea website, www.riverleaohio.com, and the city of Worthington website, www.worthington.org. Voters also may contact the village of Riverlea at 885-3567 or the city at 536-3100.

The Worthington City Council race is divided into two ballot questions. Voters will chose three among five candidates for four-year terms, and two among four running for two-year terms.

Candidates for the four-year terms are:

• Bonnie Michael, an attorney seeking her fifth term.

• Bob Chosy, a retired physician seeking his fifth term.

• Dave Norstrom, a transportation consultant who has been on council for five years.

• Michael Troper, a controller at Marion Technical College, seeking his first term.

• Doug Smith, a managing partner at a small marketing, media, and fundraising firm, who is seeking his first term.

Those seeking the two, two-year terms are:

• Robert Schmidt, an attorney who was appointed to council a year ago.

• Joe Davis, co-owner of Worthington Jewelers, also appointed to council about a year ago.

• Rachael Dorothy, a mechanical engineer seeking her first term.

• D.J. Falcoski, a business developer who ran unsuccessfully for a council seat two years ago.

Two are to be elected to the Worthington Board of Education. Candidates are:

• Julie Keegan, an attorney and stay-at-home mother who is seeking her second term on the board.

• Charlie Wilson, a law professor who was appointed to the board five years ago.

• John Hyre, a tax attorney, accountant and real estate investor who is running for office for the first time.

• Carrie Washburn, a school counselor in Bexley who is seeking her first term.

Running for the open seat on the Sharon Township board of trustees are:

• Ed Johnston, owner of API Security Services and a lifelong Worthington resident.

• Lori Gerald, retired, who has lived in the unincorporated township since 2005.

• Jeremy Herman, a lifelong township resident who attends Ohio State University.

• Phillip Smith, who is on disability and has lived in the unincorporated township since 1990.

Running for Sharon Township fiscal officer are Gregory Chase and John O’Keeffe.

Chase has held the position since 2003. He lives in Worthington and has a bachelor-of-science degree in accounting from the University of Akron.

O’Keeffe also lives in Worthington. He owns a small consulting business with a focus on computer security and has a bachelor-of-science degree from Franklin University.