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District earns 'excellent with distinction' rating

The Worthington City School District last year fell short of the state's prestigious "excellent with distinction" rating because of one indicator.

This year, the district met that indicator -- value-added -- and earned the Ohio Department of Education's top rating.

Superintendent Thomas Tucker on Oct. 15 announced to members of Worthington City Council that the district has attained the highest level in the state's annual report card.

Administrators said they knew the district would be rated either excellent or excellent with distinction, depending on the value-added piece of the report card puzzle.

Regardless, the district is celebrating its highest performance-index score ever, along with significant improvement in math scores. That is satisfying to school officials because the district targeted math over the past year by increasing instruction time, adding resources and increasing the number of intervention opportunities at each grade level.

The district met all 26 standards set forth by the state, including attendance and graduation rates.

Last year, the district missed the "with distinction" rating because of the value-added measure. Value-added rates individual grade levels and buildings, as well as the entire district, on how much students have improved academically over the course of a year. The calculation includes comparisons to other districts in the state.

District communications director Vicki Gnezda told ThisWeek Worthington News that Worthington City Schools also met adequate yearly progress (AYP), which represents a federal mandate that holds schools accountable for the performance of subgroups, as well as all students.

-- Compiled by ThisWeek staff