Worthington News

Resolution of support

Council backs district's bond issue, levy


Worthington City Council on Oct. 15 voted to endorse the school district operating levy and bond issue that will be on the November ballot.

"Our resolution is general support for the schools," council president Lou Goorey said. "The schools are very important for the preservation of our community."

Council has endorsed school ballot issues in past years but in some years declined to offer official support for school levies and bond issues.

"At one point, we felt the schools and city needed to stay separate," board member Bonnie Michael said.

Her opinion changed during a community-wide planning session several years ago, she said. People from various parts of the community had expressed a general opinion that it was important for the schools and city to cooperate.

"It felt like it was a total community partnership, and we all need to work together," she said.

The six members of council present Oct. 15 voted in favor of the resolution. Joe Davis was absent. Goorey said he had spoken with Davis prior to the meeting and said Davis also was in favor of the resolution.

The resolution expresses support of the issues, "recognizing the Worthington Schools as a vital partner in the community and also recognizing the critical importance of quality education to the future well-being of Worthington."

It states that the city's comprehensive plan expresses the importance of the symbiotic relationship between the city and the schools; that strong schools attract new residents, add vitality and help maintain property values; and that maintaining a strong school district is vital to the economic well-being and future success of the Worthington community.

Superintendent Thomas Tucker thanked council for its support and announced that the district learned that is has earned the "excellent with distinction" rating (see story below) on the most recent state report card.