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Runner-cyclist appreciates Olentangy Trail's maintenance

To the editor:

As the outdoor cycling season draws to a close, I wanted to extend a public thank you to all those in the city of Worthington who are responsible for maintaining the Olentangy Trail bike path.

As an avid runner and cyclist, I cannot adequately express how refreshing it is to have somewhere as picturesque, clean and safe to ride and run. Although I live in Dublin now, I grew up in Worthington, and I sometimes drive to the trailhead behind The Hills Market and take long rides/runs to Antrim Park or the campus area. The trail has great signage -- never any worries about 'losing' the trail when it briefly jumps out onto some residential streets in the Clintonville area -- and it is free of trash and debris.

I'm especially impressed with how well-marked any hazards are along the trail. Seeing neon spray paint on or around any large crack, bumped-up tree root or divot in the blacktop makes for a much safer and more comfortable ride/run.

So thank you to all those who make the Olentangy Trail the fabulous, natural experience it is. And thanks, too, for keeping the mulch trails alongside the paved one in good shape, too. It's great to have somewhere to do a little trail running where it's not a roller coaster of hills (i.e. Highbanks).

Nancy Hubbard Byron

Worthington High School Class of 1986