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Liquor at the old library

752 Building's future may rest on spirits passed


The 600 registered voters in Worthington Precinct 4A could help decide the future of the 752 Building.

The voters will be asked if they want to allow alcohol sales in their precinct, which includes the building on the southeast corner of Granville Road and High Street.

Owned by the city, the Kilbourne Memorial Lib-rary, better known as the 752 Building, is vacant. The city would like to see it leased, and leaders believe it would be more attractive to potential occupants if they are permitted to sell liquor.

The precinct includes the east side of High Street and adjoining residential neighborhoods from Granville to Worthington-Galena roads.

The precinct is "dry," except for the sale of beer and wine for carryout.

The ballot will include four separate issues.

Issue 29-B will ask if beer should be sold; Issue 30-B will ask if wine and mixed drinks should be sold; Issue 30-C will ask if liquor should be sold; and Issue 31-B will ask if alcohol should be sold on Sundays.

The city's Community Improvement Corp. has been put in charge of leasing the building. It placed the issues on the ballot and has sent postcards to the voters in Precinct 4A, explaining the questions they will face in the voting booth.

"It is up to the voters to decide if they want liquor in the precinct or not," said Bonnie Michael, a member of Worthington City Council who sits on the CIC.