A plan for the second phase of Simsbury Place finally seems to be ready to go.

A plan for the second phase of Simsbury Place finally seems to be ready to go.

Worthington City Council on Nov. 5 approved a resolution to amend the development plan for what now is planned to be 10 townhouses next to the original three-story apartment building.

Known as Simsbury Place, plans for two 16-unit, high-end condominium buildings were approved in 2005. The first one was built, but the units did not sell, leaving the building vacant for several years. Plans to build a matching building next door were scrapped.

Eventually, the bank retained the property and sold it to an owner who leased the units. Reportedly, all are rented.

In March, Simsbury Investments presented the city with plans to build the second building. It still matched the first, except that first-floor parking was abandoned and a few details changed.

According to architect Carter Bean, the owner then decided that the complex would be too expensive.

Bean then returned with plans for 10 attached townhouses, with garages in front. The Municipal Planning Commission rejected the garage idea and asked that the units be moved forward to the street.

Those plans were sent on to council, which approves amendments to development plans.

In the final plans, the garages are behind the units, which are 1,620 square feet in size, including the garage.

The units will be two stories tall, will match many of the design features and materials of the original Simsbury Place and will have a solid-wood fence along the rear of the property.

Plans are to lease the units and then maybe eventually sell them as condominiums.

Bean said he did not know what the price would be.