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Council won't raise Community Center rates for 2013


Worthington City Council will not exercise its right to raise membership rates at the Community Center in 2013.

With regular membership numbers continuing to decline but the number of people buying day or monthly passes increasing, Community Center revenues were up slightly in 2011 and appear to be heading in the same direction this year.

With that in mind -- and to keep the local municipal fitness center competitive with those in Dublin and Westerville -- council on Dec. 10 agreed to not raise membership fees and to add corporate membership rates.

A pilot program allowing companies to provide memberships to employees last year was a success, parks and recreation director Darren Hurley said.

Corporate membership rates vary according to the size of the business and whether it is in the city of Worthington, but in general, rates are lower than individual, noncorporate rates.

Worthington's membership rates are slightly higher than those in Dublin and Worthington for residents. In Dublin, an individual membership for a Dublin resident is $200; in Westerville, it's $230; in Worthington, the rate is $250 for a Worthington resident.

For others, Worthington's rates are lower as Worthington tries to attract more nonresidents because of its smaller size.

Dublin's population is 42,346. Westerville's is 36,665. Worthington's is 13,755.

In Dublin, a nonresident individual membership is $580; in Westerville, it's $345; in Worthington, the rate is $325.

The differences are greater for larger families. For a nonresident family of five, the Worthington membership is $870. In Dublin, it is $1,655; in Westerville, the fee is $1,145.

Total membership at the Worthington Community Center is 3,012. Approximately two-thirds are city residents.

Membership is down from 2007, when total members were 5,063.

Over that time, more day passes have been sold. In 2007, revenue from day passes was $33,316. In 2011, it was $53,131.

The addition to the center, including the fitness center and pools, will be 10 years old in 2013.