At age 54, Stan Apseloff still can pull his weight, at record-breaking speed.

At age 54, Stan Apseloff still can pull his weight, at record-breaking speed.

The four-time world record holder in pull-ups did 55 in 54 seconds Dec. 7 -- on his 54th birthday.

No records were involved in this latest effort; it simply was a way to use his talents to raise money for pediatric cancer research at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

His goal is to raise $54,000. Anyone who would like to donate should go to

Apseloff has been doing pull-ups his whole life, but he didn't discover the competition for the world record until late in life.

At age 48, he won the world record with 50 pull-ups in 60 seconds.

Three times since then, he has lost and regained the title.

From August 2009 until six weeks ago, he held the world title with 62 pull-ups.

On Oct. 28, Vitaly Kulikov of Russia won the title with 66 pull-ups in 60 seconds.

"I have my work cut out for me," Apseloff said.

He said that on his 50th birthday, he did 53 pull-ups in 60 seconds.

"So on my 54th birthday, I did more pull-ups -- and faster -- than when I set the world record four years earlier," he said.

Apseloff works out every three to five days at Lifetime Fitness in Dublin, where he also performs his world-record feats.

He decided to do the fundraiser in part because he is the father of a 2-year-old son, Evan.

"He is healthy and happy, and we are so blessed," Apseloff said. "I can't imagine what people go through when their child has to deal with cancer."

He said he would like to continue the birthday pull-up fundraiser for as long as he can.

"I am delighted I can do this for charity," he said.

Apseloff, who lives in the Worthington area, is the president of Ohio Distinctive Software, which produces children's educational and nutritional software.

He also writes and takes photographs for children's books.