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After-school programs add emphasis to learning


Learning doesn't end at 3 p.m. for many Worthington elementary school students, who stay after school to learn more about subjects ranging from archery to foreign languages to science.

About 200-250 students enroll in the after-school program offered at most elementary schools.

Classes enroll for the fall, winter and spring terms, with the 2013 winter term to begin the last week in January. Registration begins Jan. 14.

The program is run by the school district but is self-supporting, director Richard Brad-ley said. The price of classes ranges from $65 to $80, depending on the cost of hiring the instructor for the class.

The program will work with parents to stretch out a payment plan if necessary, he said.

Instructors are certified in their areas of expertise but usually are not Worthington teachers. All teachers must pass background checks.

Classes begin immediately after school, and parents are responsible for transportation.

Children enrolled in Care After School attend a class and then go to Care After School, which is a privately operated, traditional latchkey program that operates until 6 p.m. in most schools.

The two programs are not related, Bradley said.

The after-school program began in 1994, when a group of parents decided they wanted after-school enrichment programs for gifted children.

Three years later, the district took over the program, opening it to all students and administering and coordinating the sessions through its extended-education department.

Facing budget cuts in 2005, a decision was made that the program must become self-supporting. Now all of the costs, from instructors to advertising, are funded by class fees.

Classes offered for the winter term are as follows:

* Bricks4Kidz LEGO Club (grades K-6) -- Evening Street (Mondays), Granby (Tuesdays), Worthington Hills (Wednesdays) and Colonial Hills (Thursdays).

* Designing Simple Mach-ines (grades 4-6) -- Bluffsview (Mondays).

* The Sun, Stars and Planets (grades 1-6) -- Brookside (Mondays) and Worthington Park (Thursdays).

* Fun with Science & Nature (grades 1-6) -- Wilson Hill (Tuesdays), Worthington Estates (Wednesdays) and Brookside (Thursdays).

* Books for Young Cooks (grades 1-6) -- Evening Street (Wednesdays).

* Computer Keyboarding (grades 4-6) -- Colonial Hills (Mondays), Brookside (Tuesdays) and Granby (Wednesdays).

* Beginning Spanish (grades 2-6) -- Colonial Hills (Tuesdays), Brookside (Wednesdays) and Granby (Thursdays).

* Spanish II (grades 2-6) -- Worthington Hills (Mondays).

* Beginning French (grades 1-6) -- Kilbourne Middle School (Mondays).

* Beginning Chess Club (grades 2-6) -- Brookside (Tuesdays) and Kilbourne MS (Thursdays).

* Young Rembrandts Art Classes (grades 1-6) -- Granby (Mondays), Evening Street and Liberty (Tuesdays), Bluffsview, Colonial Hills, Wilson Hill and Worthington Estates (Wednesdays) and Slate Hill (Thursdays).

* Tae Kwon Do -- Worthington Estates (Mondays, open to children and their parents).

* Karate (grades K-6) -- Bluffsview (Tuesdays), Sutter Park (Wednesdays), Worthington Park (Thursdays) and Granby (Fridays).

* Advanced Archery (grades 4-8) -- Bluffsview (Tuesdays).

Space is limited, so early registration is encouraged. For more information or to register, call 614-450-6049.