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The Worthington Board of Education on Jan. 14 fired a bus driver who had been suspended three times since 2011.

Since Dec. 14, driver Shelley Herron failed to keep a student seated during a ride; failed to stop a student from eating on the bus; failed to communicate with students, parents and administrators to resolve issues; and did not report she would miss work Jan. 3, Superintendent Thomas Tucker told board members.

In a letter to Herron last Tuesday, Tucker also noted that Herron had been suspended for three days without pay in March for failing to drop two students at their correct stop and making an illegal turn, thus causing the bus to break down. She then used a student to direct traffic around the bus, according to Tucker.

She was suspended in October for using inappropriate language with a student. Another suspension was in 2011.

"I'm not sure why I was so severely treated," said Herron, 52, who had a disciplinary meeting Jan. 4. "There are bus drivers that endanger students every day, and nothing happens to them. I'm concerned that they have a different set of standards for different people."

She said she hadn't used inappropriate language, has had good performance reviews "and I thought I was doing OK."

Herron became a permanent driver for Worthington in 2003.