A call has gone out to find all Granby Gators ...

A call has gone out to find all Granby Gators who might want to come back and celebrate their roots. The school's PTA is planning a Granby Gala for Feb. 8 and is selling engraved bricks for a plaza to be built at the school.

"It will be a stroll down memory lane," Granby parent Ellen Castelli said of the gala, which will be held at J. Liu Restaurant & Bar from 7 to 11 p.m.

She said she hopes former students, families and staff would get together to reminisce and to celebrate the school that opened in 1988. That means some of the first students will be in their 30s by now, she said.

Castelli said she has had at least one child at Granby every year for the past 16 years.

Her oldest son is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Her youngest is a sixth-grader.

Tucked behind McCord Middle School, across from Worthington Kilbourne High School on Hard Road, Granby is somewhat of a hidden gem, according to Castelli and other parents.

There is something special about the teachers and staff and their commitment, Castelli said."Granby creates such a great foundation, the kids love going there," she said.

The school opened 25 years ago under the leadership of the late Ron Hopper. The current principal is Patti Schlaegel, who is serving her first year at the school. She is the parent of four children in the district. She seems to fit in well at Granby, Castelli said.

Five of the original Granby teachers still are on staff. They are Barb Minor, Michelle Stukey and Paula McPheron, classroom teachers; Leslie Ritter, music teacher; and Andrea Jewett, art teacher.

Sherri Mosier and Diana Stambaugh, who both work in the office, also were there for the opening of the school.

Former principals Fred Burton and Chris Collaros will entertain at the gala with their band, Principally Speaking.

Classes at the school are working on art projects that will be sold in a silent auction at the gala. One class is making a quilt; another is working on Adirondack chairs.

Even the restaurant has special ties to the school. Jason Liu, owner of J. Liu, is the father of children who either attended or still attend Granby. He has been a great supporter over the years, Castelli said.

The evening will feature appetizers, desserts and a cash bar. Tickets are $25 online or $30 at the door. Tickets and bricks can be purchased at https://granbypta.jbfsecure.com or from Christy Smith Gray (614-766-4781) or Castelli (614-789-9990).

The price of bricks ranges from $100 to $300, depending on size and the number of words and logos engraved.

They will be placed in a plaza being built at the school. It will feature a brick wall and landscaping and will be a gathering place for students, staff and families.

It will be unveiled at the beginning of the next school year and is expected to be an ongoing project of the PTA.