Worthington News

School board approves exodus of retiring teachers


Twenty Worthington teachers, including Ohio's 2011 teacher of the year, have announced they would retire at the end of this school year.

Tim Dove, social studies teacher at Phoenix Middle School, was named best teacher by the Ohio Department of Education two years ago.

He was among teachers on a list the Worthington Board of Education had approved for retirement during its Jan. 28 meeting.

A record 45 teachers and administrators retired in 2012, and some are predicting the number will be even higher this year.

The retiring teachers have educated generations of students, board member Marc Schare said.

The high numbers generally are traced to baby boomers becoming eligible to retire and changes expected in rules of the State Teachers Retirement System.

Retirements in Worthington are expected to be announced through the end of the school year.

Administrator Brenda Toler, coordinator of gifted programs, also was on the list of retirees at the last meeting.

The other 19 teachers who will retire are as follows:

* Joanne Allsop, mathematics, Thomas Worthington High School.

* Rebecca Beyer, gifted/talented education, Granby Elementary School.

* Katie Cicero, physical education, Worthington Estates Elementary School.

* Karen Collins, educational media, Bluffsview Elementary School.

* Sandra Downie, grade 3, Wilson Hill Elementary School.

* Sheila Green, kindergarten, Colonial Hills Elementary School.

* Larry Griffin, music, Worthington Kilbourne High School.

* Rebecca A. Ewing Kreig, grade 5, Slate Hill Elementary School.

* Suzanne Laird, educational media, Wilson Hill Elementary School.

* Terry R. Lichtenberg, occupational work adjustment, Thomas Worthington High School.

* Kathleen McCulloch, grade 1, Wilson Hill Elementary School.

* William McLoughlin, educational media, Brookside Elementary School.

* Susan Mitchell, reading, Wilson Hill Elementary School.

* Janet Myers, counselor, Thomas Worthington High School.

* Michael Riffee, physical education, Worthingway Middle School.

* Luci Secord, psychologist, special education.

* Ann Taylor, speech and hearing therapist, special education.

* Elizabeth Trott, art education, Worthington Estates Elementary School.

* Gail Wetterauer, gifted/talented education, Wilson Hill Elementary School.