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June 29 derecho

Worthington reimbursed $22K for storm cleanup


The state and federal government have reimbursed the city of Worthington for 87.5 percent of the cost of damages done by the June 29, 2012, derecho storm.

Worthington City Council on March 18 approved the allocation of $22,038 into city coffers. It will be divided among the general fund, street maintenance and repair, state highway fund, and water and sewer funds.

Total costs were $25,186 from the storm, which toppled trees throughout the city and caused power outages for residents and businesses across the state for several days.

City staffers worked overtime to clear streets and to allow residents to use the Worthington Community Center for emergency shelter.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency reimbursed 75 percent of eligible expenses, and the state reimbursed 12.5 percent.

Also at the March 18 meeting, council:

* Granted a telecommunications and utility permit to MCI to use the city's right of way to provide services to local residents and businesses. The city routinely grants three-year permits to companies to use conduit under city streets to extend such services as telephone, Internet access, network services and other telecommunications. MCI is the 13th company to receive a permit and the 14th is under review.

* Introduced the subdivision splitting a lot from the Shops at Worthington Place and combining it with the James Tavern lot at 160 W. Wilson Bridge Road to the south. The resulting lot will be the site of the Worthington Place apartments. The subdivision, which includes several variances, will be heard by council April 1.