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Couple's kindness merits Good Neighbor Award


Simple acts of kindness earned Earle and Elizabeth Wathen the 2012 Good Neighbor Award.

Worthington City Council on April 15 recognized the West South Street couple for "their kindness, caring and promotion of goodwill within the neighborhood and the city of Worthington."

The city's Community Relations Commission annually chooses award winners from nominations made by neighbors.

Lesley Cross, who has lived next door to the Wathens for four-and-a-half years, nominated them. She and young daughters Jordan and Jillian attended the council meeting.

"From the time we've moved in, they've been amazing neighbors," she told council.

Mr. Wathen has chopped up a tree limb set out by a neighbor's curb and offered his snow blower to neighbors before he went on vacation. He takes time to draw animals and color with the children. Not long ago, Cross found him sprawled on her driveway, drawing with sidewalk chalk.

Mrs. Wathen often drops off items to neighbors, simply to be helpful. She has brought baby wipes, cat food and flowers.

"Just being able to live in a neighborhood where they're next door for a smile or a wave or any reason is a great blessing," Cross said.

Mr. Wathen's response to council's accolades was simple -- and kind.

"It's nice to help people if you can," he said. "Thank you."