Jet's Pizza flew through the architectural review process on April 11.

Jet's Pizza flew through the architectural review process on April 11.

The Architectural Review Board voted unanimously to grant permission for the pizzeria to go ahead with plans to renovate and move into the old Scottie MacBean site at 660 High St. in downtown Worthington.

Jet's franchisee Robert Couchman said he expects to open in about 12 weeks.

Jet's is mainly a takeout and delivery pizza operation, though Couchman said he plans to provide a few indoor tables for diners.

ARB members said they were pleased to see plans to improve the exterior of the building, which has been vacant for more than a year.

The rear of the building will be painted to match the front, and other improvements will be made to that side of the building, which is visible to the many people who park in the adjacent lot.

"I am willing to do anything reasonable to fix up the building," said Bob Cummins, who owns the building.

The front wall and projection signs will be maroon and non-illuminated.

ARB member James Sauer said he would prefer the font of the letters be more in keeping with the style of the building.

The style is that of the company logo, Couchman said.

That argument usually does not carry weight with the ARB, which tends to insist that the logo make way for a more traditional, Worthington look.

In this case, the applicant has proposed such an improvement to the building that the letter style is a reasonable compromise, board chairman Richard Hunter said. "I'm willing to make allowances for corporate America," he said.