Worthington News

Worthington Libraries will seek 2.2 mills in November


A 2.2-mill permanent replacement levy for the Worthington Libraries will be on the Nov. 5 ballot.

The levy is meant to replace a 2.2-mill, 22-year levy approved by voters in 1992. If approved, it will cost an additional $26.76 annually per $100,000 of assessed property value.

The Worthington Board of Education approved the levy June 10. The boundaries of the school district and the library district are the same, and the board is the taxing authority for the library system.

State law mandates that school boards approve levy requests from library boards, but members of the school board made clear they would support a library levy even if it weren't required.

"The library plays an integral part in the lives of students and families," Superintendent Thomas Tucker said.

The 2.2-mill levy is being collected at 1.25 mills. If approved, the additional funds will allow the library to maintain and expand services to meet increasing demand and keep up with changing technology, said James Hill, president of the seven-member library board.

"We have one of the best library systems in the country," he said. "Funding from this expiring levy provides a significant sources of income for Worthington Libraries."

The levy campaign committee will be led by Elizabeth Sommer and Lynn Nadler, two former library trustees, and Rick Bradley, president of the Friends Foundation of Worthington Libraries. Campaign treasurer will be Dan Lacey, a current board member.

Besides the replacement levy, the library is supported by a 2005 2.6-mill continuing operating levy and by the state's Public Library Fund, which has been decreased several times in recent years. Current PFL funding is equivalent to what the library received in 1997.