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More allegations surface against Worthington councilman


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A Worthington city council member accused of sexual contact with an underage girl has a history of improper behavior that was documented in a paper trail.

The paperwork shows the last time allegations surfaced, Joe Davis was a police officer in the city of Galion.

The 43-year-old has been a Worthington City Council member since 2011 and also, according to the website, co-owns Worthington Jewelers.

Worthington police say a 17-year-old girl, who was an intern at the jewelers, says Davis inappropriately touched her leg.

Nearly two decades ago, when Davis was a Galion police officer, he was investigated for inappropriately touching a woman, who lives in Galion.

The woman, who 10TV News did not name, said she was shocked to hear what was allegedly going on in Worthington and said she feels sad for this most recent victim.

10TV obtained the documents filed by Davis after he was terminated and sued to get his job back.

It all centers around a November 1997 allegation that Davis "improperly touched a domestic violence victim while on duty."

It allegedly happened when the woman and a friend were taken to the Galion police department.

According to the documents, Davis admitted to asking the woman if she wanted a massage and began "rubbing her neck, shoulders and back."

Davis claimed she never objected, so he continued.

That's where the stories differ.

The woman claimed that he rubbed her "shoulders, lower back" and "continued to massage her back under her shirt onto her skin"

From there, she claimed he rubbed around her "side onto her stomach" and "brushed against her breast," which is something he denied.

The incident in Galion happened on Nov. 30, 1997.

Five days later, Davis was promoted to lieutenant.

Galion’s police chief learned of the alleged incident months later, and Davis was terminated.

He appealed that decision and was allowed to resign and did so in April of 1999.

The most recent case on Davis’ alleged illicit activity in Worthington is now in court.

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