On its first "letter-graded" state report card, Worthington City Schools received mostly A's.

On its first "letter-graded" state report card, Worthington City Schools received mostly A's.

Specifically, it received five A's, three B's, and a D and met all of the state's 24 performance standards.

What exactly that means is still unclear, as the Ohio Department of Education released the first of its new report cards Aug. 22. The new form of evaluating individual districts and schools now uses letter grades to replace labels like "Excellent" and "Continuous Improvement."

In recent years, Worthington has been "Excellent with Distinction," the best label the state had to offer.

It is known that no district in the state received all A's, and other high-achieving districts in central Ohio received grades similar to Worthington's.

Worthington received an A in the number of standards met and a B in performance index. The performance index score was 103.9, the same as last year's.

Worthington received all A's in measurements of progress, or "value added," which measures how much progress students made over one school year.

The A's were in overall value-added; gifted value added; disabled value added; and lowest-20-percent value added.

The D grade was in gap closing, or something referred to as annual measurable objectives. It sort of replaces the measurement that was known as adequate yearly progress. According to the state education department, this component measures how well a school or district is doing in narrowing gaps in reading, math and graduation rates among students according to socioeconomic, racial, ethnic and disability statuses.

Grades measuring graduation rates in Worthington were both B's. One measured the number of students who graduated within four years of entering the ninth grade (92 percent), the other on the number who graduated within five years (93.9 percent).

In comparison on overall grades, the Westerville City Schools received four A's, three B's and two C's.

Upper Arlington received six A's, one B and two C's.