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Good report card brings across-the-board merit raises


Every employee of the Worthington schools received a raise because the district received A's on its report card.

The Worthington Board of Education unanimously approved an across-the-board 0.5-percent merit increase at its Aug. 26 meeting.

The raise, which will cost the district about $350,000 in the first year, will go to every teacher, administrator and classified worker.

The merit increase was part of all of the labor contracts approved two years ago, board treasurer Jeff McCuen said.

The contracts required the raise if the district were rated "excellent with distinction" or the equivalent on the 2012-13 state report card. The state no longer uses such descriptions as "excellent with distinction," but a decision was made that the five A's on the report card is the equivalent of the highest state rating.

The merit-increase action was not on the regular agenda at the meeting but was on an addendum.

Agendas are available to the public prior to meetings, but addenda are not.

Board member Julie Keegan said she was not comfortable with the issue being on the addendum, but she did not believe the board had an intent to hide the issue because the merit raise was part of the contracts that were ratified two years ago.

"We had a pretty lofty goal, and it was met," Keegan said.

Board member Charlie Wilson defended all employees receiving the raise, saying learning is a team project.

"It takes a whole district to have results like we had," he said.