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Health insurance

District treasurer: Rates won't rise as much as expected


Health care costs will not increase as much as anticipated in 2014 in the Worthington City Schools.

The 2014 forecast had projected rates rising by 13 percent. Instead, the increase will be 3.56 percent, treasurer Jeff McCuen told the Worthington Board of Education on Sept. 9.

He said he wouldn't know the total savings until after the first pay Sept. 15, when he will find out how many employees subscribe to family policies and to individual policies.

Last year, health insurance cost the district $13.6 million.

McCuen said he was pleased to see the district's costs increasing at a slower pace than even other central Ohio districts. The average is expected to be 7 percent, he said.

"I remember when I arrived in the summer of 2007, and the district's increase was 28 percent," McCuen said. "To have an increase even below 7 percent is fantastic."

This year, the total premium for the family of a teacher will be $1,670. Of that, the board will pay $1,436.

For a single teacher, the total premium will be $622, of which the board will pay $534.

For classified workers, the total family cost will be $1,670, of which the board will pay $1,520.

For a single classified worker, the total cost will be $622, of which the board will pay $566.

Medical Mutual is in its second year of providing health insurance to the district.

Dental insurance, provided by Metlife, will cost a total of $106 a month for employees. The board will pay $98, and the employee will pay $8.

The cost of dental insurance is expected to decrease a tiny amount, McCuen said.

In other matters, the board named department chairpersons for the 2013-14 school year. Each chairperson will be paid $2,500, except for the heads of the social studies and the special-education departments at Worthington Kilbourne High School, where the positions and the stipends will be shared by two teachers.

The department heads at Thomas Worthington will be: guidance, Kathy Scott; English, Paul Pflieger; social studies, Bob Galasso; health/physical education/arts, Margo Postak; applied academics, Bryan Brown; special education, Olivia Hawkins; science, Brian Luthy; library/media, Lori Poleway; math, Angie Gussler; and global language, Keith Day.

At Kilbourne, the chairpersons will be: guidance, Brianna Abbott; visual and performing arts, Julia Woodrow; English, Lauren Smith; social studies, Jeff Vincent and John Jordan; career tech/wellness, Susan Kucharek; special education, Ellen Clark and Megan Lippert; science, Karen Kochheiser; library/media, Megan Scheetz; math, Nancy Smith; and global language, Andi Prince.

The board also awarded a contract for $39,768 to Electrical Service Professionals of Grove City to make electrical improvements to the server rooms at Thomas Worthington and Worthington Kilbourne high schools. Work is to be completed by Nov. 8.