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Michaela subdivision renamed Monterra

New owner to move ahead with housing development


A new owner plans to move ahead with development of a 6-acre subdivision on Olentangy River Road, just south of West Dublin-Granville Road.

Marty Savko, who purchased the wooded property from Pat Bigler of the Bigler Co., has changed the name of the eight-lot residential development from Michaela to Monterra, but otherwise the proposal remains much as it was when approved by the city in 2007.

Back then, the proposal was debated among the owner, neighbors and city officials for several months before a compromise was reached.

Fourteen originally proposed lots became eight in final plans; land closest to the river was set aside as a reserve; trees were to be preserved or replaced; and an asphalt recreation path was to be built along the Olentangy River Road side of the subdivision.

Also, the developer agreed to build a larger sanitary sewer line so it could serve Worthington homes without sewer lines west of the property. The city agreed to reimburse the developer $30,000 for the cost of oversizing the sewer line.

All of those agreements were part of a new subdivider's agreement approved by Worthington City Council on Sept. 3. No neighbors appeared to object, pleasing council member Scott Myers, who asked Savko to be sensitive to the needs of nearby residents.

"I don't want people picketing this property like I was afraid they were going to do when Bigler owned it," he said.

Savko assured council that he would do a "clean job" of developing the subdivision. He said he lives in a Bigler development along Olentangy River Road, immediately south of Antrim Park, and he understands the concerns of the neighborhood.

Columbus-based Romanelli & Hughes will build the houses, he said.