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Emergency notification system

Worthington to roll out CodeRED Oct. 21


The city of Worthington will roll out its new emergency notification system Monday morning, Oct. 21, with calls to every household with a listed telephone number.

CodeRED is a high-speed system that allows Worthington police to notify the entire city, or parts of the city, when an emergency situation arises.

Examples of CodeRED uses are to direct residents to evacuate or to instruct them to stay behind locked doors if a criminal is in the area.

The entire community will receive calls beginning at 11 a.m. Oct. 21.

The message that will be delivered directs recipients to the Worthington website to add additional contact numbers, and it asks that recipients spread the word by mentioning the system to family members, friends and neighbors.

Police Chief James Mosic suggests that all individuals and businesses take the time to visit the website and add contact information to include cellphones and other nontraditional phones, as well as email and text addresses.

"If your contact information is not in the database, you will not receive a call when an urgent message is sent," Mosic said.

In particular, businesses should register, as well as individuals who have unlisted phone numbers, those who have changed their phone number recently and those who use a cellphone exclusively or have VoIP phones (computer-based phone service such as Vonage) as their primary numbers.

Mosic urges citizens to log onto the the city website at worthington.org and follow the CodeRED link.

Those without Internet access may call 614-885-4463 24 hours a day to provide contact information. Required information includes a street address (physical address, no P.O. boxes) for location purposes and a primary phone number.

Additional phone numbers, email addresses and text addresses also may be entered.