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Worthington school board race

Incumbents look to stave off lone challenger


Three veteran school board members are being challenged for their seats in the general election.

Election Day is Nov. 5, but early and absentee voting began Oct. 1.

Newcomer Sam Shim is running against incumbents Jennifer Best, David Bressman, and Marc Schare.

Three will be elected.

Though they did not officially campaign as a trio, Best, Bressman and Schare all maintained during the campaign that the district is in the best condition it has been in many years, and the current board could take some credit for that.

Shim agreed the district is doing well but has continued to stress that his main difference from the incumbents is that he has children in the schools. His children attend Evening Street Elementary School.

Best, of Sutter Parkway, is an accountant. She is seeking her fourth term on the board.

She has a bachelor's degree from Ohio State University.

Bressman, of Broadacre Drive, is an attorney. He also seeks his fourth term.

He graduated from the University of Dayton and the Ohio State University College of Law.

Schare, of Selbourne Court, is a semi-retired software developer. He has been on the board for eight years.

He has a bachelor's degree from the College of Staten Island and a master's degree from Stevens Institute of Technology.

Shim, of Paisley Place, is a businessman who currently stays at home with his children. This is his first run for public office.

He graduated from Ohio State University and the Fisher College of Business at Ohio State.