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Segna Motors site in Linworth

Land is first, only property in both Worthington, Perry Township


The former Segna Motors site in the Linworth area was annexed by Worthington City Council on Nov. 4, making it the only property to exist simultaneously in Worthington and Perry Township.

The annexation of the 2.8 acres at the southwest corner of West Dublin-Granville and Linworth roads was approved unanimously, without discussion by council or comments from the public.

A shopping center is planned for the site of the former Volvo dealership, which has been vacant for several years.

The new property owners have been in contact with the city, but no formal application for development has been filed.

The fact that the land will remain in Perry Township after it becomes part of Worthington is a result of a 2001 state ordinance designed to expedite annexations, Worthington law director Pam Fox.

Before that, annexations would be held up for years as jurisdictions fought over boundaries and services.

Under the relatively new law, the land will not be transferred to Sharon Township. All land in Worthington also was in Sharon Township until this annexation.

Because it is not officially part of Worthington, the city will not be able to clean up its borders in the Linworth area, as has been one of the city's goals for decades.

Both Worthington and Perry Township will receive tax revenues from the property.

The city will receive property taxes and will receive income tax from any employment that takes place on the site.

At the same time, Perry Township will continue to receive taxes for levies, such as road maintenance and police protection.

Franklin County commissioners approved the annexation July 30.