Worthington News

After-school classes

Empowering Girls, animation, martial arts among options


Empowering Girls With Confidence is the newest offering of the after-school program in the Worthington schools.

The winter term will begin the week of Jan. 27. Registration began Jan. 14.

The Empowering Girls program will be offered to girls ages 9-12 at three elementary schools. It will address the challenges girls face during their adolescent years, including drops in self-esteem and self-confidence.

"Based on role play, it is designed to help girls develop skills they need to resist negative things people say about them," said Richard Bradley, director of the after-school program.

Also new during the winter term will be an animation class at Evening Street Elementary School. The class was started at Worthington Hills Elementary School in the fall and was very popular, with requests for the program coming from other schools.


Academic enrichment

Bricks4Kidz LEGO Club (grades K-6) -- Colonial Hills (Mondays), Wilson Hill (Tuesdays), Worthington Hills (Wednesdays) and Liberty (Thursdays).

Origami Projects (grades 4-6) -- Kilbourne Middle School (Mondays).

Animation I (grades 3-6) -- Evening Street (Wednesdays).

Animation II (grades 3-6) -- Worthington Hills (Mondays).

Spanish I (grades 2-6) -- Granby (Tuesdays) and Worthington Estates and Kilbourne Middle School (Thursdays).

Spanish II (grades 2-6) -- Bluffsview (Mondays).

Better Babysitters (grades 5 and 6) -- Bluffsview (Tuesdays) and Worthington Park (Wednesdays).

Empowering Girls with Confidence (ages 9-12) -- Worthington Park (Mondays), Bluffsview (Tuesdays) and Evening Street (Thursdays).


Arts and entertainment

Young Rembrandts Art Classes (grades 1-6) -- Bluffsview and Granby (Mondays), Evening Street, Liberty, Worthington Hills and Worthington Park (Tuesdays), Colonial Hills, Wilson Hill and Worthington Estates (Wednesdays) and Brookside and Slate Hill (Thursdays).

Creative Cartooning (grades 1-6) -- Kilbourne Middle School (Fridays).

Winter Magic (grades K-6) -- Kilbourne Middle Schools (Tuesdays).



Tae kwon do (open to students and their parents) -- Worthington Estates (Mondays).

Karate (grades K-6) -- Bluffsview (Tuesday)s, Sutter Park (Wednesdays), Worthington Park (Thursdays) and Granby (Fridays).

Archery for beginners (grades 4-8) -- Bluffsview (Wednesdays).

Archery League advanced (grades 4-8) -- Bluffsview (Wednesdays).

Space is limited in most classes, so early registration is encouraged. For more information on locations, times, costs and registration, call the after-school program office at 614-450-6049.