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Path along West Wilson Bridge

Council to vote on Strawser bid: $366,503


A 1.1-mile multiuse path along West Wilson Bridge Road is on schedule to be built in the spring.

Worthington City Council on Feb. 3 introduced an ordinance awarding the contract to Strawser Paving for $366,503. A public hearing and vote are scheduled Feb. 10.

If approved, construction will begin in March to meet a late June deadline that was set when the city accepted a $150,000 grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

The rest of the project will be funded by the city.

The Strawser bid was below the architect's estimate of $467,541. The amount to be awarded, $403,154, which includes a 10-percent contingency, is standard for city construction projects.

The path will connect the Olentangy Parklands with the intersection of North High Street and Wilson Bridge Road. The Wilson Bridge corridor plan calls for eventually extending the path across North High Street, possibly on a bike/pedestrian bridge, and east to McCord Park and the Worthington Community Center.

The half mile of path between the Parklands and Old Wilson Bridge Road will be 8 feet wide, with extensive landscaping on both sides.

At Old Wilson Bridge, the path becomes part of the street to form what is known as a sharrow.

At the Shops at Worthington Place, it will run along the east side of the mall, again becoming 8 feet wide along North High Street to the intersection.