Now is the time to get stuff together to avoid missing Precycle Day this time around.

Now is the time to get stuff together to avoid missing Precycle Day this time around.

Saturday, April 26, is Worthington's next Precycle Day. The curbside, free exchange of goods will be held from early morning until 6 p.m.

On Precycle Day, city residents are invited to place on the curb any items they would like to give away. At the same time, residents are encouraged to help themselves to what their neighbors leave on their curbs.

The free exchange of re-usable goods has been going on in Worthington since April 2010. Hundreds of residents participate in the event, but even more would like to, Precycle Day organizer Fred Yaeger said.

"The biggest complaint we hear is, 'I wish I had known about it,' " he said. "That is part of the reason we're trying to get word out as much as we can."

Expect to see yard signs, a Village Green sign and numerous Internet announcements leading up to Precycle Day, he said. Anyone who would like to help by placing a sign in the yard is asked to go to the Precycle Day website: precycle.

The nonprofit precycle committee was able to purchase 100 yard signs via a grant from the city's neighborhood grant program.

As usual, participants are expected to place outside for pickup items ranging from furniture and toys to tools and electronics. Just about anything goes on Precycle Day, including a toilet that was placed at the curb by a resident last year.

Until last year, Precycle Day was held Wednesday evenings and all day Thursdays, allowing items that weren't claimed to remain on the curb for trash collection on Friday mornings.

The new Saturday Precycle Day seems to work well, Yaeger said, but it means residents must bring back inside items that aren't claimed by 6 p.m. Saturday.

The move to Saturday was made, in part, to allow more people to be home during the event. Encouraging neighbors to connect is part of the purpose of Precycle Day, he said.

"The big goal is to strengthen the community by bringing neighbors together and getting things back in use that have languished," he said.

Precycling also keeps re-usable items from the landfills, saves energy that's needed to process trash and recycled items and helps to unclutter garages, back bedrooms, closets and basements.

Precycle Day is held twice a year, with the next one scheduled for Aug 16.