Jon Cook hopes the third sign proposed for the McConnell Arts Center will be more charming than the first two.

Jon Cook hopes the third sign proposed for the McConnell Arts Center will be more charming than the first two.

The community is invited to look at a demonstration sign Saturday, May 3, and provide input at a meeting set for 3:30 p.m. Sunday, May 4, at the MAC.

Proposed is an electronic sign that would sit atop a 4-foot-tall masonry base in front of the MAC, at the corner of West Granville Road and Evening Street. The sign would face West Granville.

The sign's copy would inform passersby of the exhibits, concerts and programs at the MAC. It would change every 30 seconds and would include a still picture representing the slated event.

Two renderings of the sign are being distributed. One shows a 7-foot-tall sign, with the other 8 feet tall. The width of the base ranges from 10 feet to 20 feet.

The sign would be dimmable and would be lighted until 10 p.m. daily.

A test sign will be placed in the approximate location May 3, allowing residents to see what the real sign might look like prior to the public meeting. It will be turned off at 10 p.m. and relighted Sunday morning, staying on until after the meeting.

"The goal is to solicit public input," Cook said.

No application for the proposed sign has been submitted to the city. City staff members agreed that residents should have a say in how the sign is designed before it comes to the Architectural Review Board for approval.

Two previous versions were withdrawn by the MAC after residents objected to the design and to the brightness of the proposed signs.

The newest proposal is not much different from the one withdrawn in 2011, he said, though the brick base is closer in design to the MAC structure.

The second proposal was for a sign that would have served both Thomas Worthington High School and the MAC.

Cook said he now agrees that was not a good idea.

"We realize that co-branding would be too much information on it," he said.

He and MAC board president Mick Ball said they hope the community likes the newest proposal more than the first two.

"As we go forward, we want to make sure the entire community has an opportunity to provide input on what would be appropriate for our sign," Ball said. "More than 17,000 vehicles pass our building every day. This is a wonderful way to keep the public informed and attract new visitors to this gem of a facility."