Newcomers to the traffic maze on U.S. Route 23 north of I-270 would do well to remember three bits of advice.

Newcomers to the traffic maze on U.S. Route 23 north of I-270 would do well to remember three bits of advice.

Slow down.

Follow the detour signs.

Get used to it.

Late last week, crews for the Ohio Department of Transportation switched all traffic to the west side lanes (southbound) of North High Street from the I-270 bridge to just south of Northwoods Boulevard. Soon, digging will begin on a 25-foot-deep trench on the east side (northbound) of the road.

Two newly constructed lanes carry southbound traffic, and northbound traffic is using the former southbound lanes. The trench will be built in the former northbound lanes.

When the project to improve the Route 23/I-270 interchange is finished in two years, the two lanes of below-road-level traffic will be able to bypass the many intersections along that stretch of road, creating express lanes.

Meanwhile, motorists must abide by a whole new set of rules for getting around in the Crosswoods-Flint Road area.

Large signs showing detours and clearly marking the new no-turn laws have been installed, but the following is a basic rundown of how to get around.

First, no left turns are permitted northbound onto West Campus View Boulevard. Those who are headed to the Josephinum, High Street Baptist Church or York Golf Club should turn right onto Dimension Drive (at the Ruckmoor), left on High Cross, and left on East Campus View Boulevard, which will lead straight across Route 23 to West Campus View Boulevard.

A new road from West Campus View leads to both the church and the golf course.

By the end of this week, there will be no turns onto Radio City. Again, the detour is right onto Dimension, then right on Hutchinson Avenue, around Huntington Park Drive, and straight to Crosswoods Drive.

For traffic heading south on Route 23, left turns may be made onto East Campus View Boulevard and onto Crosswoods Drive, which leads to Radio City.

Southbound traffic will not be permitted to turn left onto Flint Road. Motorists must turn left onto Lazelle Road and follow it to Flint.

To accommodate the additional traffic on Dimension Drive, traffic on that road will have the right of way and will not have to stop at High Cross Boulevard. Stop signs have been put up to stop traffic traveling on High Cross at Dimension.

To keep updated on progress on the road project, to see traffic alerts and to watch live traffic cameras, go to