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Worthington police warn businesses of phone scams


Worthington police are warning businesses to beware of people calling and asking for credit-card information over the phone.

In recent days, two retail businesses have reported a man who identifies himself as a Worthington police officer requesting financial information.

Worthington police will not attempt to obtain records or ask for financial information over the phone, according to police Lt. Jerry Strait.

If someone calls and identifies himself or herself as a Worthington police officer or detective, ask for a callback phone number and tell the caller you will call back, Strait said.

When returning the call, use the main Worthington police phone number, 614-885-4463, and verify the caller’s identity.

In both recent cases, the person answering the phone declined to give information. In one case, the person arranged for the caller to stop by the business to pick up the information, but the caller thus far has not appeared.

In the other case, the business owner gave the caller a hard time, causing him to become belligerent.

Strait said the caller might not be local, and the calls might not be limited to Worthington.

Worthington police also are investigating calls being received by residents from people claiming to be from AT&T. They, too, are attempting to get personal financial information.

Anyone who receives either type of call is encouraged to report it to Worthington police.