Answer: She is from Worthington and will appear on the Jeopardy! Teen Tournament on July 23.

Answer: She is from Worthington and will appear on the Jeopardy! Teen Tournament on July 23.

Question: Who is Nikki Airi?

The 16-year-old Thomas Worthington High School senior will compete on the two-week teen-version of the popular quiz show July 23 and possibly other dates.

The show, which will feature teenagers from 13 to 17 beginning July 21, is broadcast daily at 7 p.m. on Channel 10 in Columbus.

Contestants are forbidden from revealing the outcome of the contest, so she may say only that she will be on the Wednesday show. A total of 10 shows will air, concluding with final rounds July 31 and Aug. 1.

Fifteen students from across the country will compete for a $75,000 grand prize.

Like the others, Airi qualified for the tournament by first completing a 50-question online test.

A member of the Thomas Worthington In The Know team, Airi always has been good at trivia games, likes to watch Jeopardy! and took the test for fun, she said.

Still, she was surprised to hear from show's producers after she scored well on the test. They invited her to continue the process.

In November, she went to New York, where she completed another test, interviewed with producers and competed in a mock game of Jeopardy!

She received a call from a representative, who told her in February that she would be a contestant. She went to Los Angeles to tape the show in March.

"Being on set was really cool," she said. "They do a lot of work in one day."

In fact, the two-week tournament was taped in two days. When she was not on stage, Airi was allowed to sit in the audience and watch.

The hardest part of the game, she said, is mastering the buzzer.

"You have to get it just right," she said. "I wasn't quite used to it."

She will be at summer camp when she makes her national television debut next week, but she'll surely treasure tapes of her experience.

"I think I am very fortunate I was able to do it," she said.